2022 CSME Regular Award Winners

NEWS Communiqué (click to download pdf)

The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME), founded in 1970, is pleased to announce the winning recipients of its 2022 regular awards. These awards may be bestowed biannually to members of the society for their outstanding contributions to specific areas of mechanical engineering in Canada.

The following exceptional engineers will be presented with their awards on 6-7 June 2022 at the 2022 CSME International Congress to be held from 5-8 June at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.

Please consider attending the 2022 CSME International Congress to congratulate these exceptional winners and attend their lectures: https://www.csmecongress.org/.


I.W. Smith Award

For “outstanding achievement in creative mechanical engineering within 10 years of PhD degree

Tsz-Ho Kwok, Ph.D., MCSME

Associate Professor, MIAE Department, Concordia University, QC


New Fellows of the CSME

For “excellence in mechanical engineering and significant contributions to the progress of the profession”

Xili Duan, Ph.D., MCSME

Associate Professor, ME Department, Memorial University, NL

Atef Mohany, Ph.D., MCSME

Professor and Chair, MME Department, Ontario Tech University, ON

Pouya Rezai, Ph.D., MCSME

Associate Professor, ME Department, York University, ON

Zhongchao (Chao) Tan, Ph.D., MCSME

Professor, MME Department, University of Waterloo, ON