Call for 2023 CSME Award Nominations


Nominations of CSME peers by Fellows of the CSME are currently solicited for the next series of awards and honours of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME). These aim to recognize deserving mechanical engineering professionals who are members of the CSME.

Final decisions regarding award winners are made by CSME’s Awards Committee, which is comprised of the President, Immediate Past President and Senior Vice President of the CSME. The most senior member of the Awards Committee in terms of service on that Committee will normally serve as its Chair.

No one can nominate themselves for an CSME award/honour – they must be nominated by peer CSME Fellows. All CSME members are eligible to be nominated, but no award winner is eligible to be nominated for the same award a second time. At all times, the name of nominees and nomination cases must be kept confidential and never be shared with other nominees or the public.

If a member of the Awards Committee is nominated for an award, that member is automatically removed from the Committee for that award’s consideration and must refrain from all related considerations/decision making for the award in question. In this case, a suitable arm’s length replacement Awards Committee member will be appointed by the remaining Awards Committee members. This complies with the society’s Conflict of Interest Code that applies to the Board and all of its various committees.

Forms and Deadlines for Submission:

  • Technical CSME awards to be awarded in Spring 2023 (i.e. Jules Stachiewicz/Heat Transfer, Mechatronics and Emerging Technologies Medals): 30 September 2022.
  • Regular CSME awards to be awarded in Spring 2023: 31 January 2023.

CSME Awards Criteria and Nomination Procedure (click to download)

CSME 2023 Awards Nomination Form - MS-WORD (click to download)