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2017 Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA) Conference, Toronto, ON, 4-7 June 2017

This year’s conference theme is “Innovation and Diversity in Engineering Education”. This theme honours the need for multidisciplinary perspectives, the incorporation of new educational technology, and the delivery and assessment of diverse learning experiences and needs.  This conference is also giving members the opportunity to present research and facilitate discussion on how we teach innovation.

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Resources for Future Generations | Vancouver, Canada | June 16-21, 2018

Grounded in our understanding of the Earth, this first ever #RFG2018 IUGS Inter-Congress Conference will bring participants together from industry, government, academia, civil society and the next generation to discuss their initiatives and research related to the key resource issues shaping the future of energy, minerals, and water.

Automated Vehicles 2017: Planning the Next Disruptive Technology

This Conference Board of Canada event will explore the ins and outs of AVs and take place Wednesday April 19 - Thursday April 20 2017 at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto. Register online early and save $200!  There are special rates available for municipal government, not for profits, and students!

Current List of Fellows and Life Members

Current CSME Fellows and Life Members

André Biron, Fellow and Life Member

Thomas Brzustowski, Fellow and Life Member

Mounir Massoud, Fellow and Life Member

Narendra Srivastava, Fellow and Life Member

Andrew Wilson, Fellow and Life Member

G.A. Aldworth, Fellow

Alidad Amirfazli, Fellow

Cristina Amon, Fellow

Jorge Angeles, Fellow

Nasser Ashgriz, Fellow

James Barber, Fellow

Aimy Bazylak, Fellow

Kamran Behdinan, Fellow

Donald Bellow, Fellow

Edmund Biden, Fellow