CSME Western Student Chapter Website

ABOUT Aim: CSME Western endeavours to enrich the experience of MME students by providing opportunities for them to strengthen their relationships with faculty and engage with industry. Through facilitating various events, the aim of CSME Western is to further bring the engineering experience outside of the classroom.

General Information: The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1970 in order to form a single organization - with a clear national identity - for Canadian mechanical engineers. It is the first constituent society of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) and is associated with its American and British counterparts: the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (I.Mech.E.). At the local and regional levels, the CSME provides a wide range of activities for mechanical engineers with common fields of interest; these activities, which include social as well as technical occasions, are generally in the form of meetings, lectures, seminars and plant tours.