Fee Structure

Below is an overview of the annual fees for different membership categories of CSME. All memberships follow the calendar year and require renewal action annually. If you are joining as a new member on or after 1 November, your membership will be valid until 31 December of the following calendar year.

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Please read our return and refund policies before making a paid membership application to CSME.

Student Membership


— Annual (CAD) —
  • Students who are currently enrolled in a full-time diploma program bachelor's program or graduate program in mechanical engineering are eligible for a student membership.  The CSME is committed to supporting the activities of its student chapters.
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Full Membership


— Annual (CAD) —
  • A full member normally holds a recognized educational qualification in Mechanical Engineering at the level recognized by a Provincial Association of Professional Engineers.
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First Year Membership


— Annual (CAD) —
  • Members who qualify for full membership are eligible for a discount in their first year of membership.
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Retired Membership


— Annual (CAD) —
  • Members who have retired from active full-time employment in the field of mechanical engineering are eligible for retired membership.
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Technology Membership


— Annual (CAD) —
  • A technology member is normally a graduate of a Mechanical Engineering Technologist Program or its equivalent.
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2nd Society Membership


— Annual (CAD) —
  • Members who are full paid members in another EIC-recognized engineering society are eligible for second society membership in CSME. Please specify which is your first society and your membership number.
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Fellow Membership


— Annual (CAD) —
  • The grade of Fellow recognizes unusual distinction in the profession. It is conferred by the CSME Awards committee upon a person with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in mechanical engineering.
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Fellow for Life Membership


— Annual (CAD) —
  • Fellow for Life membership is available to Fellows for a one-time $1500 fee.
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CSME Return and Refund Policy

The CSME membership fee is non-refundable except for cases where a multiple payment occurred by error. In case of a multiple payment by error, please contact us for a refund with your credentials and full details of all the payments made. All other queries about memberships and payments should also be directed to the CSME Office.

Mail-In Application

Print out and complete an application, then mail it to the CSME.

Send completed forms to the CSME at:

The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering
P.O. Box 40140
Ottawa On
K1V 0W8 Canada
Email: admin.officer@csme-scgm.ca
Tel: (613) 400-1786

Demande d'adhésion

Veuillez prendre note des frais d'inscription avant de soumettre un formulaire d'adhésion.

Veuillez envoyer les formulaires remplis à l'adresse suivante:

La Société canadienne de génie mécanique
P.O. Box 40140
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 0W8 Canada
Email: admin.officer@csme-scgm.ca
Tel: (613) 400-1786

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