History Committee

Welcome to CSME's History Committee!

Chair: Farid Golnaraghi, Ph.D., FCSME, Simon Fraser University

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Historical Information of Potential Interest to the CSME Community:

  • The History Committee wishes to remind CSME members of the catastrophic event that unfolded on 6 December, 1989. The 6th of December has been declared Canada's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women to commemorate the Montreal Massacre that occurred on December 6, 1989. On that fateful day, a gunman with a legally obtained rifle killed 14 women and wounded 10 other women and 4 men at the École Polytechnique, which is the engineering school of the University of Montreal. Four of the deceased were mechanical engineering students. The following downloadable document, A Montreal Massacre Memorial and Legacy, by Wendy C. Gentleman is supplementary material for an article published in the 2020 Fall issue of the CSME Bulletin. It is intended for educational purposes.