Maciej Floryan, FCSME


Chun II Kim, MCSME


As per an MOU signed with National Research Council of Canada, the CNC-IUTAM engages with the Canadian scientific, engineering and industrial innovation communities they represent, i.e. stakeholder community, to implement the following goals:

(i) facilitate international scientific activity around global challenges for the benefit of Canadians and the global community;

(ii) enhance Canada's position and reputation in matters of science, engineering and industrial innovation;

(iii) collect, reconcile and represent the views of their stakeholder community on relevant issues;

(iv) ensure the promotion of Canadian contributions to international decision-making;

(v) encourage and support their stakeholder community to take advantage of emerging international networking opportunities;

(vi) encourage and support their stakeholder community to take advantage of opportunities to showcase Canadian achievements, technologies, and capacity; and

(vii) encourage their stakeholder community to take active roles in international conferences, symposia, and workshops; and disseminate relevant information obtained about developments in the wider international community to Canadian stakeholders.


Computational mechanics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics

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Membership List:

The following individuals were appointed by CSME's Board of Directors as initial members of a 2024 reconstituted CNC-IUTAM:

From CSME’s Solid Mechanics Technical Cttee:
- Chun Il Kim ( (2-year term ending 31 Dec 2026)
- Marwan Hassan ( (4-year term ending 31 Dec 2028)

From CSME’s Fluid Mechanics Technical Cttee:
- Atef Mohany ( (2-year term ending 31 Dec 2026)
- Arman Hemmati ( (4-year term ending 31 Dec 2028)

From CSME’s Computational Mechanics Technical Cttee:
- Cuiying Jian ( (2-year term ending 31 Dec 2026)
- Maciej Floryan ( (4-year term ending 31 Dec 2028)

Current Activities:

  1. TBD

Past Activities:

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