Heat Transfer


Dominic Groulx, FCSME


Sunny Li, MCSME


The committee’s principal mandate is to represent CSME members active within the sector of heat transfer. A major duty is to organize a Symposium on Heat Transfer (SHT) at the annual CSME Congress; other responsibilities include the promotion of TC opportunities within the heat transfer community, participation in the SHT through submission and/or review of papers, and communication with the Canadian Heat Transfer community.


boiling, condensation, conduction, convection, heat exchanger, melting, phase change, solidification, thermal design, thermal engineering, radiation.

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Current Activities:

Symposium on Heat Transfer, as part of the CSME-CFDSC Congress 2019 (June 2-5, 2019) held at Western University.

Past Activities:

Symposium on Heat Transfer, as part of the CSME 2018 International Congress (May 27-30, 2018) held at York University on the special subject of Phase Change Materials and their Applications